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Sustainable Building: Making a Shed for Storage

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

When you start farming, very quickly things begin to pile up. Implements, utensils, sacks of produce, animal fodder - and you need a space to house them all. Up till now we only had an Outhouse, where we used to hang around. But now we started to feel the need for a Farm Shed where we could keep our produce and equipment.

It seemed like a simple enough structure to design ourselves, which we did! And called in our old contractor Urvinder Singh, who had also made the Outhouse, to do this construction. On his recommendation, we decided to use Onduline sheets on the roof, along with a few transparent ones which would bring in some light into the shed. We also built a shutter on one side, so that a small farm vehicle could be driven in and parked inside. And the two doors on the side wall facing the inside of the farm allowed for multiple entry options, should one door be blocked by a vehicle or pile of produce or animal fodder.

shed barn design

Enough ventilation and natural light was the other thing we looked out for in the design.

It was a tough construction, with little shade on the farm as the trees were still small and the summer being really hot. But slowly and steadily it finally came to life.

shed construction

shed construction

onduline sheets

It now has a charming military barrack look to it. It serves as a maternity ward, a paediatric ward, storage area, space to perform pujas, garage and barn shed - all rolled into one!

shed at aanandaa permaculture

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