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Sustainable House Tour

If you are interested in building a Sustainable house made of natural materials, you may want to see the structure we built and hear what it takes to build one.

In this Sustainable House Tour, you will see the Aanandaa house, and learn about rammed earth, lime plasters, 6 different roofing systems, rainwater harvesting systems, grey water management and more!

You will spend an hour with Manisha in her home, and learn about the challenges, the solutions, the 'watch outs' and the 'must-dos' of a sustainable house. 

Photo Credit: Jitesh Malik

Sangeeta, Home Owner

"Grateful for the open sharing of your learnings. Thank you for the lab you have created that allows urbanites to re think their choices"

Simran, Architect

"This tour will definitely help all architects specifically now when we have a need for alternate building practices."

Nilesh, Architect

"Lots of insights from a utility and vision point of view. Made me rethink about all the aspects of my project.  Loved the experience"

You may request for a tour on any working day

between 10 am and 5 pm.

We will confirm a slot which is mutually convenient.

The tour will last over an hour, and will cover all techniques and materials used.

Please pay and confirm your booking 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Charges for a Sustainable House tour are Rs 5000/-. A max of 4 persons can attend the tour at one time.

If you would like specific inputs for your project, you can book a 1 hour consultation session with Manisha immediately after the tour. Please carry your plans and drawings for that discussion.

Charges for the consultation session are Rs 4000/-

Request a Tour

If you would like to book a Sustainable House Tour, please complete the contact form.

If the date & time proposed by you suits us, you will receive  a confirmatory email with a payment link to pay. Once you make the payment, your appointment will be confirmed.

Alternatively, we may propose a new date and time over email, and we can agree a mutually convenient spot.

Select a Time
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