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Permaculture Design: Vertical Space

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

In the landscape architect's drawings, he left us with a plan of making the vineyard as a pergola on the top of a portion of the walk way, just at the entrance, very close to the outhouse. Since he had abandoned the project, it was left to us to figure out how to design and make this structure.

While flipping through a book on permaculture, I came across a pergola-like structure made of bamboo which really appealed to me. I preferred it over the metal and concrete structure that the architect had mentioned. I took that design and adapted it to a long walkway.

I discussed this design with Panditji and he felt confident of implementing the same. Local artisans were capable of making this structure with bamboos and wire.

We sourced the bamboo from the local timber market. While we know that bamboo may rot and need to be replaced, in the long run it is a more sustainable material, since we have planted over 100 bamboos on the property, and eventually we will be able to use our own bamboo.

I initiated one module of the structure in my presence, and approved the same. Then I left for Mumbai, leaving the team to execute the rest. After all if there is one thing we have learnt in our corporate jobs it is empowerment and development! They did a fine job I must say.

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