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Sustainable Building in Permaculture: Solar Power

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We were quite clear from the outset that we would power our Outhouse with solar power. After all whats the point in living on a sunny farm, if you have to use fossil fuels for energy? Luckily a friend of ours runs a venture called Gramoorja, which specializses in taking solar power to villages! Even though this outfit is based in Pune, Anshuman was kind enough to help us design, procure and install the solar plant.

Based on our expected utilization of electricity, the following estimate of consumption was drawn up.

power consumption chart

Based on this, the following specs were draw up:

  1. PV Modules of 45 Watts - 18 Nos - Total 810 Watts

  2. Battery - 12 V - 600 Ah Tubular batteries

  3. Inverter 500 Watts

  4. Cables and module mounts

Next, we got the drawing of one solar panel, and based on its measurements, ...

solar panel drawing

... we drew up the details of how to make the truss for mounting the solar panels on top of the outhouse.

truss for sonal panel

The truss was welded in place and ready for the team which arrived from Pune to install the solar plant. The solar panels were ordered from Green Brilliance and arrived by courier. The rest of the equipment was sourced locally.

solar panels being installed

solar panels being installed

Now we have a nice solar plant atop our Outhouse, which is the main source of power to light up our rooms, breeze up summer days and most importantly heat up our electric kettle for the endless cups of tea!

outhouse being solar powered

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