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A 6 year Old Permaculture Food Forest

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Every now and then, we like to bring out our SLR camera, perch ourselves up at vantage points and take photos of Aanandaa permaculture farm! What strikes most visitors to Aanandaa is that it is as beautiful a farm as it is productive.

The heterogeneity in its flora, the contours of the untouched landscape, the low lying Morni hills in the backdrop, the pergola with flowering creepers, the travellers palms at the entrance, the fruit trees dotting the farm, the pools & the ponds, the windbreak of Casurina & Silver Oak, the Poplar trees lining fields, the original date palms adding a holiday resort feel, and the royal palms welcoming you down the walk way. Its nice to give some pretty touches to the farm, and when the farm is managed by a woman, it's as pretty as productive!

Take a look at these pictures taken in mid August 2017!

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