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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

At Aanandaa, we now have some surplus produce of things like onions, potatoes and dals. Being non perishable, we do not have a problem storing them, and are beginning to sell this produce in the Chandigarh Organic Farmer's market that takes place every Saturday near the Lake. We also sell some produce in Gurgaon, where we live most of the time.

As an organic farmer, one may find it challenging to find a market for your produce. That is why, often farmers choose to continue on the path of conventional, chemical assisted mechanised farming - as it is easy to get higher productivity, and an easy market, even if prices are low.

However, as an organic farmer, one gets fair value for its produce, along with respect from the local community. Potatoes which may be selling for Rs 1-5/kg in the mandi, but if you are an organic farmer selling organic potatoes in the local market, you could fetch Rs 30-40/kg for your potatoes. So in the long run, even if you get lower productivity (which you don't), you can make up by getting higher value for your produce.

Aanandaa team at Chandigarh Organic Market

We have still not managed to take any greens to the market, even though we grow a fair amount of greens. I guess, we do not have the confidence of managing the supply chain. However, some of the other farmers in the region, do a fine job of bringing fresh vegetables to the market, that look really appetising!

The Chandigarh Organic Farmer's Market is more like a carnival, and less like a market. There are clowns, street food, music, artists and many other interesting distractions for children and adults alike.

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