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Water Management in Permaculture: Winter Rains

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Having been drought ridden for the last 3 years, we welcome rain fall any time of the year at Aanandaa. Sometimes, our crops get damaged, a harvest starts rotting, and flowers fall prematurely. But we have always put that aside, and thanked the heavens for the rain. Water, after all, is more important than anything else.

This January was no different. The cold wave set in later than usual this winter, and over our Republic day weekend, we got a nice burst of rain. Enough to fill up all our ponds and pools - that must be atleast 1 million litres of water - of course a large part of it is surface run off or storm water which comes down the hills. The rains were good for the winter crop (wheat/ mustard) and also for our grazing meadows which sprung to life.

However, the extreme cold that came with the rains resulted in three of our puppies dying in the cold. No matter what we did to keep these puppies safe, they tend to run all over the farm and get wet in the rain or a puddle. It was heart breaking - but it was the first time that we had no losses in a litter. I guess nature was waiting to set that right.

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