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Animals in Permaculture: Introducing Geese

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We knew to create a true permaculture eco system, we would need to introduce animals and birds over a period of time. However, we were wary of taking on too much of a responsibility for their care and feeding at this stage.

The Geese were the first birds we introduced to the property for various reasons. i) They were easily available for free from a nearby Gurudwara ii) We had a water body adjoining the farm which was great for them iii) They are relatively hardy, and don't need much care iv) They are quite disciplined and come home every evening to their shelter and v) They would help us control weeds and vi) Their droppings make good manure poop and help fertilize our depleted soils.

The Geese are a beautiful addition to our family. Yes they do create a racket most of them time, and yes they do snap at our heels if we go too close to them, but otherwise they do a fantastic job of walking around the farm, leaving their droppings everywhere, pulling our grass & weeds from our fields and eating that bug or two. More importantly, they add a touch of beauty and serenity to the farm, making it look far more exotic than it really is!

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