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Aquaculture in Permaculture: Fish in the Pond

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We did a little dipstick into the village pond to see what kind of life exists within it. We took a large net and dipped it in - what surfaced was a bunch of crabs. No fish. So we decided to add some fish to our pond to make it a richer eco system.

There are a couple of fish farms in Barwala. There are man made ponds, filled with Carps, which I guess are sold in the local market. We contacted one such fish farm and got 100 small carps weighing about 200 g each.

fish in pond in barwala
carps in barwala

Of course Carps can grow into full size large fish like the one show above which is probably a couple of kilograms in size. We weren't sure how to transport these fish back to Aanandaa. So we tied a waterpool tarpaulin to the four sides of this tempo, added water and the fish into it, and drove back to the farm very slowly and carefully.

Once back, we simply slid out all the fish into the water.

Adding fish to pond

Its always a good feeling to see the ripples in the water, and see the fish swimming around.

pond with aquatic life

However, this innocuous act of ours led to a huge conflict with the neighbor on the other side of the pond. Already suspicious of us Mumbai folks, they thought we were trying to usurp the village pond and start fish farming in it. Nothing was farther from the truth, but it was too late to explain. This resulted in them throwing a fence over the entire pond one night, and taking possession of this village pond :-(

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