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A 4 year old Permaculture Food Forest

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

While we continue to farm in small clearings and grow vegetables and crops the conventional way, we continue to remain interested and invested in the forest we have grown. The forest is doing wonders in improving the soil quality. The top soil is getting mulched with the leaves and twigs falling from the trees. Coupled with that, we have big animals like cows and goats trampling over this mulch, and also mixing their dung and urine with it. Over time, we are seeing a significant improvement in the soil quality.

Secondly, water run off has reduced remarkably. In fact, with vegetation and trees in place, we hardly have any muddy water run off from Aanandaa. Most of the water seeps into the mulched soil, and then finds its way to the pools and ponds through the surface of the soil. Leaving clear filtered water behind.

And thirdly, the trees have provided shelter for so many different birds. Aanandaa has become a bird watchers delight - once can spot many species here, along with the famous peacocks from Morni HIlls!

See some glimpses of the forest in the slide show below!

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