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No Till Farming in Permaculture

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Now that we had a proper field to pursue farming, we decided to try planting like Masanobu Fukuoka suggests in his book, The One Straw Revolution. We couldn't do it with the Bajra crop which we planted in the conventional manner. But now that we had harvested the Bajra cob and had the plant still standing in the field, we decided to pursue his technique. Please be cautioned that its very difficult to convince the farm help that this is a valid way of farming. So out of the 6 plots of land, we were allowed to do this only in one plot as an 'experiment'.

We started with simply taking the wheat seeds and scattering them over the existing bajra plants. They obviously found their way to the bottom and settled down between the existing plants.

sowing wheat

sowing wheat

We then took the talwar and slashed the standing bajra (pearl millet) on to the ground. Very quickly we chopped down the entire field.

slashing bajra crop

slashing pearl millet crop

Then we took a water pipe and watered the entire field.

masanobu fukuoka

We could see the seeds from between this slashed crop, and knew that very soon it would germinate and find its way out of this mulch. Also the mulch would keep the birds from eating the seeds, and also keep the ground moist for longer periods.

germinating wheat

With this we let it be. And waited to see how this experiment fares versus conventional farming!

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