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Animals in Permaculture: Here come the Dogs!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A dog is a man's best friend! And at the farm, even more so. In the pitch darkness of the night, dogs are the first ones to raise an alarm if there is an intruder in the form of a thief or wild animal. We always knew we needed the help of dogs to run the farm. We were also sure we were not getting any 'pure bred' dogs to give us a company. Luckily for us, the stray dog Basanti, who shacked up with our night guard Sunil when we first acquired the land, had a litter of six handsome puppies just as we planted our trees!

Basanti with her litter

The most loyal animals at a farm are those who are born on the property. The second most loyal are those who are introduced on the farm as little babies. Adult animals never really adapt to the farm, and are always suspicious of humans. We were lucky and blessed to have this family of dogs inhabit our farm, and be our companions in this permaculture journey!

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