• Manisha Lath Gupta

Keeping Bees

It is often said that all of humanity depends on the 5 inches of top soil. And Bees. My permaculture book said, that the day you hear your farm buzzing with insect sounds, you will know that you have reached your milestone. Without bees and other pollinating insects, our efforts to farm and grow food would be in vain.

Honey and beeswax is a happy by-product of having bees on the farm. We found a local apiarist who gave us three bee boxes. The bees need shelter, clean water to drink, a sun facing entrance, protection from extreme temperatures. And most importantly, they need food! Grow as many flowers, and as many variety of flowers around these bee boxes. The especially love the mustard in the winter!

We had casualties several times during extreme heat - the bees would simply die. Then miraculously, once the season changed, we found our boxes getting populated again. Also we have not had any incident of bee stinging - its important to stay calm around them, and generally allow them to go about their daily routines without any panic.

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