Aanandaa is a pemaculture farm located at the foothills of the Morni HIlls in Haryana. Spread over 10 acres, it has 4000+ trees, organic produce and animals. Our goal at Aanandaa is to create a sustainable lifestyle and preserve a piece of nature.

At Aanandaa, we practice 100% organic and natural farming. We have a large variety of fruits, vegetables and crops growing here. We also have many animals, who live in peace and harmony with one and another, such as- dogs, cats, hens, geese, cows, goats and pigs, and a large variety of birds visit us and inhabit our trees.

We have three pieces of land. The main piece of land- Aanandaa, is 6 acres. We have another piece of land across the road which we refer to as Annexe, is 2 acres and a third one further down known as Mandala, which is also 2 acres. 

In July 2010, when we bought Aanandaa, it was a barren, dusty piece of land with 5 scraggly date trees. We researched a lot on permculture farming and turned our farm into a lush green piece of land. 4 out of 6 acres at Aanandaa is a forest, and the rest is an ochard with crops planted in clearings. The Annexe and Mandala are where we plant our crops.

Water management has been a big part of building Aanandaa and we have built a range of water bodies and swales to slow down, harvest and store water across the land.

Aanandaa is owned and managed by Manisha, Agam, Radha and Ira along with a team of local villagers who help at the farm.

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